Romeo and Juliet- Act I, Scene I (Summary)

Act I, Scene 1

Location: Verona’s Streets

Characters in Scene: Abram, Benvolio, Sampson, Gregory, Tybalt, Old Capulet, Old Montague, Lady Montague, Lady Capulet, Prince, Romeo

Montague boys (Abram and Benvolio) and Capulet boys (Sampson, Gregory and Tybalt) got into an argument that leads into a fight. It was joined by citizens and officers with clubs and partisans which disturbed the peace of the city. Then came Old Capulet and Montague, wanting to join the fight but were disrupted by the Prince, saying that he’ll kill both family heads if the scene happens again.

Old Montague, Lady Montague and Benvolio talked about Romeo, looking sad these days, and trying to find the reason why. But then entered Romeo, who talked to Benvolio about a lady he loves but could not love him back and asks tips from Benvolio on how he will forget the girl.

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