Romeo and Juliet- Act I, Scene III (Summary)

Act I, Scene 3

Location: Capulet residence

Characters in Scene: Lady Capulet, Juliet, Nurse, Servant

Sunday afternoon, Lady Capulet came in to tell Juliet and her Nurse about Paris and his proposal marriage. The nurse delivers a long paragraph, which reveals that she had a daughter named Susan. She babbled events about Juliet’s childhood, how Juliet scraped her forehead and how her husband laughed about it. Lady Capulet cuts her off, and told them about the proposal. Later then, the servant informs them that guests had arrived. “We follow thee. Juliet, the County stays,” says Lady Capulet which means that Paris is now waiting for her in the party.

Key Quotation: We follow thee. Juliet, the County stays. -Lady Capulet

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